Thank you  to all of the wonderful families for attending the first annual art show.  With your enthusiastic support, we fund-raised over $400 for the art program!  The show was a great success and I am so proud of our amazing kiddos for working so hard this year in art class!
Brandon L. proudly stands by his masterpiece!
Recycled sculpture contest winner, Maryah, Mrs. Lovich, 3rd grade.
All of the fantastic themed raffle baskets, put together by our dedicated staff and families!
A beautiful tree sculpture made with recycled materials by Nora B.
Mariah strikes a pose with her work of art!
In the Art Museum, we debuted a new gallery. We have been observing abstract art and used a recycled material to create these beautiful abstract discs. They have been a huge success!
From left: Tricia, Madison (owner), Naomi
Lache is taking an art class taught by museum employees.
Brian, our creative manager of the art museum.
Having lots of fun in the museum!
First grade employee Jared hard at work.
Kindergarten employee Brandon included his favorite weather into his abstract design.
    Some of the students were a bit thrown off by my Halloween costume. I paid tribute to the fantastic mexican painter Frida Kahlo by dressing up as her for the occassion.

    We learned about her fascinating life and work. We saw how her style evolved by looking at several portraits made throughout her lifetime. Third grade created beautiful portraits of the artist...
Portrait of Frida
Tricia N.
Second Grade, Mrs. Gledhill
Madison H.
Third Grade, Mrs. Gledhill
Portrait of Frida Kahlo
Suraya F.
Third Grade, Mrs. Gledhill
Kindergarten created these colorful Pop Art masterpeices!

    Miss Craft

    Greetings from the art teacher at Imagine Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship!  I hope you enjoy looking at the work of your AMAZING kiddos, their creativity never ceases to inspire me!!! 


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